Active tourism in Posada

Cycling, canoeing and hiking paths between the countryside and the river park

Canoe trips

Canoeing to discover the most charming spots of Rio Posada, rich in birdlife and wonderful views. 60 km of winding paths that will give you the opportunity to discover different views of Posada, visible in the distance with the Castello della Fava.

Bike tours

You will discover the territory of Posada by bike, ideal for large families with children. Cycle through the natural beauty, low traffic paths in the countryside and the river park up to the beautiful beaches.

Tepilora Park

Posada is located within the Tepilora Park, 8000 hectares of uncontaminated forests, paths, springs and streams. The Park includes several towns, Torpa, Bitti LodA up to the mouth of Rio Posada. The Oasis of Tepilora features incredible flora and fauna, perfect for a holiday in harmony with nature. There are numerous paths to explore the park, with breathtaking views, springs and genuine Mediterranean vegetation.

Nuraghe San Pietro

Located in the town of Torpa, Nuraghe San Pietro is the most significant archaeological monument of the territory, with a diameter of 70.30 meters. It is a four-lobed nuraghe dating back to three different periods, of which the oldest dates back to 2200-1800 BC. In fact, the excavations have brought to light various ceramic and bronze items exposed in a section of the Archaeological Museum of Nuoro.

Castello della Fava

Located on a hill, Castello della Fava dominates the center of Posada and is one of the best preserved examples of military architecture found along the east coast of Sardinia. Dating back to the thirteenth century, Castelo della Fava was used as residence by Giudici Galluresi, revealing that in the past Posada was a relevant military strategic center.

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